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How To Become A Lipsense Distributor

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I can honestly say that deciding to become a LipSense (Senegence) distributor has been one of the best decisions I've made for myself! 


I started out because I had five children living at home - three of which needed braces - and I wanted to earn some money without leaving them or being tied down to a set schedule. This opportunity presented itelf at just the right time and I jumped in head first!

I had NO IDEA when I joined that money would be the LEAST exciting part about it (although the money is pretty exciting too!) Trips, cars, gifts, jewels - ALL the fun incentives you can dream of! And the women I've met have become lifelong friends and mentors.  The sisterhood in Senegence is unlike anywhere else!  We truly uplift, support, and celebrate eachother!


I've learned SOOO much in my journey with Senegence! I've learned about makeup and skincare, obviously.  It's one of my great passions now!  I've also learned about sales and marketing - skills that will serve me throughout my life.  And most importantly, I've learned about myself and what I am capable of - and THAT is priceless.

I truly believe that empowered women empower women and I would be honored if you chose to join the journey with me!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

The sign up fee is $65. This gets you:

A full-sized glossy gloss

A full-sized Ooops! Remover

3 Lip colors

Tons of samples, beauty books, training materials


Your own website to sell from.


Total start up kit value $131

Can I Cancel Any Time?

Sure! Technically, you don't need to cancel. If you don't use the account for six months, it will go inactive. 

There are no cancellation fees or penalties.  

In fact, you could sign back up the very next day if you wanted to.

Are There Other Fees?

Nope! Unlike a lot of other companies, Senegence does not require monthly minimums or send out autoships! 

You order what you want when you want it!

The only requirement to keep your account active is 100pv ($200 in sales) every six months.  Refer to the previous question about what happens if your account goes inactive.

Do I Have To Carry Stock?

Abosolutley not! 


Lots of distributors send people to their free website to order and the products ship directly to their customers. 

Be an influencer! Share the things you love with your friends and get paid when they order based on your recommendations.

I personally carry some stock for my local friends, but also do a lot of business through my website. I love that it's my choice how to run my business.

What is the Discount/Profit?

The amount of money you save/make depends on how much you order in a month.  Like any boutique, your volume determines your discount.  It ranges from 20%-50% (the maximum discount you can get from a distributor is 15% off, so even if you only order a small amount, you're getting a better discount).

1-99PV = 20% off

100-299PV = 30% off

300-749PV = 40% off

750+ PV = 50% off

What Kind Of Support Will I Have?

So much support!  that's one of the best parts!

When you sign up with me, you get me!  I will set up your Facebook group page (if wanted) and help you fill it with content. We will be in daily contact (via texts, calls, zoom, etc - again, only if wanted) for the first several weeks until you feel more comfortable.

In addition, we have a special onboarding training program, weekly team trainings, months of free content for your group, bonuses and incentives, and corporate training programs. 

More Questions?Ask Away! I'll Get Back To You ASAP.

Thanks for submitting!

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